Staff Directory

Roseland Board of Education
100 Passaic Avenue
Roseland, NJ 07068
(973) 226-7644

Board Office
Name Position Ext. Email
Deanne Somers Superintendent 315
Cathy Overbeck Secretary to the Superintendent 315
Gordon Gibbs Business Administrator/Board Secretary 311
Lisa Barcia Assistant to the Business Admin./Payroll/Accounts Payable 312
Tom August Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds 319


Main Office
Name Position Ext. Email
Raul Sandoval Principal 389
Robi Dallow Secretary to the Principal 389
Frances Noronha Nurse 316
Steven Marx School Safety Officer 384
Lynn Cummings School Counselor 372


Name Position Ext. Email
Adam Rivera Computer Technician 374


Special Services
Name Position Ext. Email
Richard Celebre Director of Special Services 318
Hannah Pollock Speech Language Pathologist 390
Sharon Zeman Speech Language Pathologist 352
Meredith Del Bello School Social Worker 332
Maria Hunkele School Psychologist 320
Laura Martinelli LDTC 387


Grade Level Teachers
Name Position Ext. Email
Daniella Rivera Pre-K Teacher 333
Elissa Eccleston Kindergarten Teacher 353
Taylor Ross Kindergarten Teacher 342
Ashley Safir Kindergarten Teacher 345
Nicole Ashby First Grade Teacher 392
Jenna Buccelli First Grade Teacher 393
Susan Groome First Grade Teacher 350
Gina Chartoff Second Grade Teacher 322
Anne-Marie Petrarca Second Grade Teacher 338
Debbie Sessa Second Grade Teacher 366
Jennifer Luzzi Third Grade Teacher             391  
Christina Melillo Third Grade Teacher 370
Janine Piscitello Third Grade Teacher 323
JoAnn Brady Fourth Grade Teacher 339
Katelyn Fabiano Fourth Grade Teacher 335
Michele Tedeschi Fourth Grade Teacher 363
Jason Giumara Grade 4-6 SS Teacher 356
Kristina Kash Fifth Grade ELA Teacher 331
Nicole Leone Fifth Grade ELA Teacher 351
Julieth Santos Fifth Grade Math Teacher 357
Lauren Miller Fifth Grade Math Teacher 344
Janet Maikisch Sixth Grade ELA Teacher 325
Colleen Lavorgna Sixth Grade Math Teacher 358
Candace Thomas Grade 4-6 Science Teacher 362


Support Staff
Name Position Ext. Email
Frank Pane Behaviorist 376
Jessica Ingrassia Special Education Teacher 343
Debbie Wallace Special Education Teacher 361
Susan Murphy-Tesoriero Special Education Teacher 336
Jaclyn Spector Special Education Teacher 321
Maria Benevenia Special Education Teacher 330
Jennifer Sibilia Special Education Teacher 386
Mark Mansour Special Education Teacher 354
Erika Albu Basic Skills Teacher  364
Christine Garlewicz Basic Skills Teacher (ELA) 334
Chelsea Clarke G&T/Technology Teacher 331
Julie Kyrejko Special Education Teacher 349
Katelyn Viola Special Education Teacher 368
Michael Peck Special Education Teacher 359



Special Area Teachers
Name Position Ext. Email
Katherine Corke Art Teacher 347
Heather Schimmel Library Media Specialist 317
Marilyn Havrilla Vocal Music Teacher 360
Justin Surdyn Instrumental Music Teacher 341
Michael Megaro Physical Education Teacher 365
John Mitchell Physical Education Teacher 340
Michele Cruz World Language Teacher 331


Instructional Aides
Name Position Ext. Email
Clara Beyer Instructional Aide
Christine Bullion Instructional Aide
Louise Circelli Instructional Aide
Dawn Cortez-Lambert Instructional Aide
Jessica Diaz Instructional Aide
Gina Hayek Instructional Aide
Francine Lambroschino Instructional Aide
Diane Mai Instructional Aide
Michele Montensano Instructional Aide