District Goals

Board Goals  for 2021-22

  • Financial - The Roseland Board of Education will develop and implement the annual budget to continue supporting educational and operational initiatives while providing fiscal accountability to the community and remaining cognizant of anticipated long-term financial needs.

  • Board  Training - The Roseland Board of Education will develop a support plan for new board members which encompasses skills in teamwork, consensus building, collaborative problem solving, and ethical decision making.

  • Board-Borough Partnership - The Roseland Board of Education will maintain ongoing and meaningful dialogue with the Borough government to best support the children of Roseland.

District Goals  for 2021-22

Student Achievement - To support and enhance student achievement for students through the use of data, curricular pacing, differentiation, varied instructional strategies and teachers’ continued development of professional practice.

Care of Community - To ensure a nurturing, emotionally and physically safe and healthy educational environment through social-emotional initiatives, continued communication, vigilance, and stakeholder engagement.

Inclusivity - To build understanding of others’ experiences and perspectives by increasing conversation and instruction around diversity, respect, tolerance, and inclusivity.


Proposed for approval 9/23/2021