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The Department of Special Services provides quality educational services to students who are educationally disabled and have special needs. Services are provided in the context of the “least restrictive environment” and include a continuum of placement options.

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The Child Study Team

The Child Study Team members of the Roseland School District, in collaboration with school personnel, are responsible for the identification of students with disabilities. The Child Study Team conducts evaluations and provides consultation. The Child Study Team determines whether a student is Eligible for Special Education and Related Services. If a student is eligible for services, an Individualized Education Program is developed in collaboration with parents, teachers and Child Study Team members.

The Department of Special Services includes the following personnel:

Dr. Richard Celebre, Director of Special Services
Phone: (973) 226-7644 ext. 389

Meredith Del Bello,  School Social Worker
Phone:  (973) 226-7644 ext. 332

Maria Hunkele, School Psychologist
Phone:  (973) 226-7644 ext. 320

Laura Martinelli , Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant
Phone:  (973) 226-7644 ext. 387

Frank Pane, Behaviorist
Sharon Zeman – Speech/Language Specialist
Hannah Pollock – Speech/Language Specialist

Specialists in other areas may include school administrators, speech and language therapists, occupational or physical therapists, the school nurse and physicians who may provide evaluations or services as appropriate.

Parents who are interested in seeking more information about Child Study Team Services should call Dr. Richard Celebre, Director of Special Services at 973-226-7644, Ext. 389.

Referral to the Child Study Team

Parents/Guardians may submit a written request for a Child Study Team Evaluation to Dr. Richard Celebre or the school Principal. An Identification and Planning Meeting will convene within 20 school calendar days of the date of request. Parents will receive notice of the meeting and a copy of Parental Rights in Special Education.

Referral of a student to the Child Study Team may also be made by administrative, instructional or other professional staff after it is determined that interventions in the general education program have not adequately addressed the educational difficulty and it is believed that the student may be disabled. 

Teacher/staff referral forms are available in the Principal’s Office and Child Study Team Office. Referring personnel will submit the referral form and documentation regarding the nature of the student’s problem to the school Principal. Upon receipt of referral, the Child Study Team will convene an Identification/Planning Meeting within 20 school calendar days. Parents will receive notice of the meeting and a copy of Parental Rights in Special Education.

Links to Resources in Special Education

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Please note:  PRISE is also available in Spanish, Arabic, Korean, and Portuguese on the NJDOE website:


Child Find


Roseland residents who have a child who is 3 years to 12 years old and suspect that he/she may have a disabling condition or developmental delays, please contact the Roseland Child Study Team Office at 973-226-7644, Ext. 389.

If you or someone you know has a very young child, birth to 3 years, who needs special help, EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAMS are available throughout New Jersey to help meet each child’s individual needs. For more information call: Essex County Special Child Health Services at 973-621-4816.

New Jersey Early Intervention System

Project Child Find 

If you have a child who is MiddleSchool age or older please call West Essex Regional Schools Department of Special Services at 973-228-1200 x 221.