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SE Parent-Admin Collaboration & SEPAC Parent Committee
SE Parent-Admin Collaboration & SEPAC Parent Committee

Lester C. Noecker School  Special Education Parent Administration Collaboration

The Roseland School District is seeking to maximize our partnership with Special Education parents while building a collaborative Special Education Parent Administration Collaboration. This partnership will focus on productive dialogue, parental support, continued growth and learning, open communication, and on strengthening special education services in our district.

Parent Leaders  coordinate directly with Dr. Celebre, the Director of Special Services, on identifying and communicating needs, the “big picture,” education, and reaching out to the community to increase involvement, including partnerships with the HSA. Similarly, several Teacher/Staff Leaders  also participate, as will a Roseland Board of Education representative.

Parents are needed and encouraged to support meetings, share ideas and needs with Parent Leaders, attend or organize events, and play an active role in guiding the goals of the partnership. Additional Teacher/Staff Members and administration will also assist and support based on topics, expertise, and events.

Please visit our *NEW*   SE Parent/Admin Collaboration Google Site which will serve as a central hub for information, as well as identifying topics for a workshop series that we will begin this year. Please submit ideas for topics or community needs to  Dr. Richard Celebre

For more information on our goals, please see the Parent/Administration Collaboration Letter recently shared with the community.



If you have any questions regarding our Special Education Programs, please email Dr. Richard Celebre  

Remember to check the Special Services Google Site for *RESOURCES,* updates, and other useful information!  

Roseland SEPAC

Special Education Parent Advisory Council

The Roseland Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is a volunteer group of parents and guardians that provides input to the district as well as provide resources to parents and caregivers of children with special needs. We value that parents have a voice and opportunity via SEPAC's various types of meetings and are not seeking to
replace SEPAC as a support for families.

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